Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunburst KL

As we all know, and are peeing our pants with anticipation over it - Sunburst KL is hitting our town again! Hell yeah. Excited as I am however, I haven't forgotten the few 'bad's I witnessed from the previous Sunburst in 2008.

Disastrous stuff, man. I mean, no it didn't cause havoc to Sunburst, but the little things that could've been met to make Sunburst a WOW concert (for me) didn't really happen... much to my disappointment.

I think I have mentioned in my Zombie Crowds blogpost pasal semua yang bayar banyak duit just to stand around and look cool. I swear, if it happens again this year, I am going to scream. Come on lah, do you guys seriously think it's worth it paying over RM200 just to stand around? It's not only a waste of your money, but it's also a waste of the bands' efforts for performing for you guys... you know?

So please, if you're attending Sunburst - or any other concerts for that matter - ... ENJOY IT! Jump around, love the songs, sing along, and make the bands feel appreciated. 

Secondly, an issue I would like to strain on a bit stronger. Hujan might be making an appearance at Sunburst this year. They did last year, and are invited again to perform this year, much to my enthusiasm! Hujan, the band that's been MIA since last year, ever since the whole issues against them erupted. This makes me think of something, a few possibilities that might happen in Sunburst. Guys, if you want Sunburst to work, if you really are music-lovers... hear me out.

Sunburst has 4 stages. If you don't like the band performing at Stage One, kindly proceed to either one of the other three stages and support the other bands. If not, you can always sit at the shaded sections and have a cup of drink until a band you do like come on. You could visit the Silent Disco and dance with the wireless headphones. You could play games. But don't... don't think it is alright to be barbaric and decide to insult and degrade any bands you dislike. It's not a healthy sight to see someone purposely watching a band they dislike just to 'fck' them when the band comes on stage. Please. Keep a happy environment seriously.

Also, to all peraba's. Keep your hands to yourself coz' this time no one's taking the shit. 

If you guys see a girl telling some guy to get out of the crowd, that'll probably be me. Hwar. So yeah, if you're going to Sunburst, bring some sun lotion or  you'll get burnt. Get a towel for sweat, deodorant (for your stink), and MONEY for food or you'll starve. Bring a change of t-shirt. And of course... your ticket to enter :)

Tips for the girls who wish to mosh:
-Wear hoodies
-Tie up your hair
-Wear shorts only at your own risk
-Keep your head down when you mosh, not up and ready for people to punch you in the face.
-Don't wear jewels, dangly stuff, valuable things. We don't want it to be a bloodied ground now do we?
-Keep it simple; 12 hours under the sun, maybe under the rain... you don't need to dress to dazzle

Stuff for guys to keep in mind:
-Protect your girl
-Don't start fights, it just ruins everything

Okay I'm out of ideas right now. More updates on Sunburst as the time comes.
With Love,
KL Mosher

Thursday, January 29, 2009

KL Mosher speaks out.

A said:
i checked your blog
u dont like *band name hidden(1)* too huh?

KLMosher said:

Anonymous said:
dude they get paid 4k in 1 show

KLmosher said:
they hav good stage presence but im not into their music

A says:
lol believe it or not
our band might make a diss song about *band name hidden(1)*

KLmosher says:
now thats not right

A says:
nah it is cool
but its gonna be unreleased LOL

KLmosher says:
if u read my other blog u'd noe wht i mean by its not right
musicians is about respect

A says:

KLmosher says:
u want people to respect you and your band
you gotta respect people back.
people wont take you guys seriously
its like what i tell those ppl who fuck *band name hidden(2)* just coz they wanna fuck them, not coz they dont like their music or whatever

A says:
ah ha!
i heard alot of people hate *band name hidden(2)* now

KLmosher says:
u tink that makes them music fans? no fcking way. 
i'd spit on people like that, but again, i gotta hold myself in a way thts respectable n not sink as low as them. 
*band name hidden(2)* deserves the respect. they dont go fucking everyone who fucks them. they take it like real professionals. now that's the kind of thing we need more in our music scene which is currently, honestly, quite barbaric

A says:
 i dont know i heard becuz
since their so famous
they tend to be cocky and shit

KLmosher says:
yeah la thats the problem
people "heard"
ever spoke to someone who actually SAW them cocky? i noe i havent. and even tho they were cocky, well, hell, how many celebrities in the world are cocky? shit loads. but jus coz the band members are cocky, does that mean we must forget about what the band is rlli about? which is THE MUSIC?
wht r they saying? we gotta boycott every band that has a cocky member, even tho their music might be kickass? they still r willing to perform for the crowds, is tht cocky? they stil giving music to ppl's ear. thts the least we shud be grateful for.

A says:
oh ok ok your right
but hye thats what my groupie said
im not into *band name hidden(2)*.heck never heard any of their songs too
and about *band name hidden(1)*
lol man..

KLmosher says:
well then that's fine. u dnt like them, so u can jus... not have anything to do with them. but if u fuck *band name hidden(2)*, thats NOT fine, coz well u never heard them. 

A says:
i knw its disrespecting dissing *band name hidden(1)*
but hey as far as im concern we havent done anything wrong to them
its just thoughts

KLmosher says:
yeah. about *band name hidden(1)*. u want ur band to make it big then dont think about dissing *band name hidden(1)*. the fans u get r only gna b temporary. 
if ur bands jus for fun
then yeah make it
their jus thoughts, sure, but that sound like an excuse ur bands gna make when someone confronts u about the song
n sumone is gonna say the same thing tht im saying. 'keep ur thoughts to urself, if its jus meant to insult'

A says:
is not my idea in the first place -.-

KLmosher says:
i didnt say its ur idea no need to cover up, ur part of the band, im jus referring to ur band

A says:
hey dude dont say someting like that
its just thoughts and we know what were doing
were not gonna diss *band name hidden(1)* eh
unless they fuck us up
then we'll consider

KLmosher says:
but i dnt see why *band name hidden(1)* would wanna fuck u guys up lmao. and if u guys make a song dissing them jus coz they fck u up, u guys r gonna look like the immature ones
u noe tht rite?
if u guys still remain steady and strong without giving in to wtv they might do to u guys, thts better than sinking as low as them  but receiving lesser support

Another thing I want you guys to think about... DO NOT for one second try to cover up for yourself if your band is at fault. Saving your own ass rather than getting into shit with the rest of your band members is a cowardly act. Pengecut. Don't. 

I thought I would like to post this conversation up saja sebab it hits many topics that I covered. :) About respect, semua.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"New" Bands?

Okay, listening to Jason Mraz's "You and I Both" while writing this does not exactly help me get into the 'garang' mood, but heck, here's a secret revealed - KL Mosher possesses a heart for soft tunes :)

Right, the real deal's here.

New bands. Fresh bands. Something different.
Er... really?

It's actually getting so damn hard now to find bands that can actually be stated as 'new' in terms of sound and the music they play. They're just new because they're young. That's about it.
Of course, who can argue the fact that every single 'new' genre  leads back to an older one. It's inevitable. Music has reached its peak in terms of coming up with new genres. Now, if someone comes up with a new name for some sound of music, people just laugh and go "oh my god, that's the same bloody thing as punk"... yeah. 

But this doesn't mean that bands that are recently forming have to narrow their choices to things that's already been discovered like... what, ten years ago? The amount of bands I see who do 'old school' rock dating from sounds like Dio, Amy Search is unbelievable. All these bands that could be coming up with something new, tasty, different, is just sticking to the old stuff and not daring to try anything new. 

For example, I went to Youth09 two weeks back... giler siut! Almost all the bands who auditioned for battle of the bands were either metal or old school. Okay, kalau ada saja satu band yang punya satu power vocalist then of course, everyone will be like "WOW, SHIT!"
But not if the same voice is heard for the next 50+ bands. -_- Do people even understand what the hell Battle of the Bands is about?
It's about finding a new band with talent, fresh sounds, that can have a chance in giving the crowds something different to the same old "rock kang kang" sounds. Seriously.

I'm worried that bands nowadays are just losing their will to make things work and are just putting a band together and singing old tunes just to go 'hey check me out, I'm a rocker'.

That's not how you get things rollin' and if you don't get things rollin', it ain't rock and roll, dude.
With Love,
KL Mosher

PS: For me, I seriously believe Meet Uncle Hussain earned the title of winners of the AJL... they are probable the closest to 'something new' I have heard so far in recent times. Along with, of course, Hujan, Plague of Happiness, Komplot...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Doing what I can for us local rockers :)