Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Theory of Conflict

It's a funny little thing; conflict.
No matter how many excuses people come up with to fight with each other and shit like that, it still comes down to one thing: ignorance.

Come, come, let me share you a tale I've been conjuring up inside me for quite a while. If I get slaughtered after this, well, I die proud. HAHA.

Let me begin: The Nazi Punk Theory

So. You get Nazis all over the world now, not just Hitler's time. Sadly. So it roughly goes along the theory of 'pure-bloods' and only the best should be able to reside in their country. Example, only Russian purebloods can reside in Russia, only Malays can reside in Malaysia and only White Americans should reside in America. Yeah you get the point. It's like how Hitler thought only White Germans were allowed lah, kan?

I was just thinking then. If they succeeded in washing away the rest of the humans off the planet, and they had their country to themselves, what if the lack of humanity makes it a necessity to conjoin all the countries to make one big country as a whole? Which blood will be the purest for that country?
Or have you guys never thought that it's pretty hypocritical, that all of you are wearing the swastika on your jackets and hating other races when you have other races wearing the swastika as well? LOL!

So you're all part of this lifestyle that basically doesn't exist because it cannot be shared amongst other countries as a whole, because you guys only believe in your own type. That's my theory. So good luck with your work... and well, see you in hell. :)

Conflict in general
I find it a waste that we have all these different subcultures and lifestyles and ways of living, that makes everybody want to be different to be everyone else, and feel that it is a need to dislike other people who don't share your same views. Looking at it from a point of someone who's not part of any group in general, and is friends with people from conflicting group, it's a real pity.
People say music unites, and everybody who loves music is one big family.
Then we get people who diss other people's taste in music
or diss their clothing
or diss their way of life
and I go; what the hell?

There's so many loops to the things people say, how do we know what's true and what's right, if so many hypocrites are still standing screwing up the music scene?
With Love,
KL Mosher

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stay out of the gig if you like fighting.

SUMPAH BODOH SIAL. I am so fucking disappointed in the crowd right now. So disappointed. It's bad enough that we get a lot of annoying and rude kids in our scenes who have no respect for each other and the bands, but this time, things really ticked a nerve in me.

a) It is a complete disrespect to the music lovers and to the bands by just ditching a gig and ditching the music you came for in the first place to put your noses into people's businesses. To layan people who aren't even worth layan-ing. If people want to start a fight, if people want to cause trouble, you're not better than them by making it worse by joining in.

If people just learnt to ignore those trouble makers, then the gigs would go on, they would eventually just leave because they're bored, and can't pick a fight. Why must you guys sebuk2 go and join the anger? Join the nonsense?

Okay, readers, some of you are probably confused. Let me just set the story out straight. Two skinhead posers (I am going to talk about this in point b) came to a gig I went to this weekend, and they broke up the whole crowd to just make space for themselves. They showed us the middle fingers, they shoved us around. Then when the giggers decided 'lantak ar' and moshed, one of them accidentally kicked one asshole's face.

So what happens? They want to start a fight, because they're too damn pussy to just understand that these things happen in a moshpit. SO they start blaming every guy for kicking them, and then the next thing you know, everyone goes out. Leaves the gig. To watch the fight.

Look. Situation collision course: they want to fight. You watch the fight. This makes them feel cool. SO? The fight won't stop bodoh. Then the people watching say "jangan la!"

Well kalau korang tak nak diaorang gaduh.... don't watch in the first fucking place! -_- If everybody just stays in and IGNORES the idiots... sudah. Problem solved.

Which takes me to point b

b) A message to those two botaks a.k.a assholes... you guys totally trashed the meaning of skinhead subculture. You guys think by doing what you did, that's true 'skinhead behavior' ke? Suck me, man. So not true. A real skinhead won't go into a gig that isn't even a gig they enjoy. Lagipun skinhead minat punk, what the fuck were you guys doing in a metal gig? Saje je nak cari pasal kan?

What did we ever to do you guys? A real skinhead won't pick fights for no reason, because they don't have to prove that they're aggressive. Skinheads are known to be aggressive, they don't have to pick on random people over a SMALL pathetic, loser-ish reason like "kena tendang in the chin". Lagipun that kick wasn't even on purpose. It was a stupid accident.

You think by doing that, you seem macho? You seem aggressive? You seem hot and strong? My ass, lah. That just makes you guys:
- pussies
- kids
- and ouch! I know it hurts.... NOT a skinhead :D

So two messages for the giggers out there.
Next time there's a fight, don't fucking encourage it. Just ignore it. Just let the idiots have their fun and pretend they're not there. Don't tell me you guys suka ke, tengok your own friends and stuff get hurt by creeps like them? Tak kan? So? Stay out.

Second message?

Next time you guys decide to be part of a subculture, shave your heads and wear leather boots... actually KNOW what it is all about. KNOW the history of the subculture. KNOW what you're like.

Skinheads does not mean REMPIT. Okay? Tu benda lain. So learn your facts, dumbshits.

With Love,
KL Mosher