Thursday, September 10, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

Yes, guess who's back? Me.

Lots of things to talk about, most about music but not much really that triggers the mind of KL Mosher. However, there are so many things one can expect in the music world but definitely the one main thing one should always be prepared for is... Unexpected things.

In the music world, you gotta be prepared for any sudden turn, change, a sudden wrong decision, a failure that you never saw coming, a surprise. You have to keep your hopes high, and low as well. Pening lah, kononnya.

Anyway, I'm just talking about that, because for the past few months I terhilang to England and France, I noticed and realized and found out a lot of things that quite honestly surprised me (in good and bad ways).

i) The Malaysian crowd gempak! compared to UK crowds! We can seriously fight! :) That's the good surprise. For the first time, I tak ada benda to complain about the KL scene. Hahaaaa, tau lah, I surrender. But hey, this is really something that blew me away. I headed to the Sonisphere Heavy Metal Fest at Knebworth, UK (Led Zeppelin pernah main di sana, so it's heavenground!)... I caught awesome bands like Metallica, Nine Inch Nails (their last tour), Lamb of God... the list goes on. But that's not my point. What my point is: the crowds were.... Crazy, YES, but hell, I'm sure if you threw in a bunch of Malaysian giggers into the crowd, it would've been chaotic.

Somehow, they were WHACK, but there was no real "WOARRGHHH!!!!" to their moshing and energy. Something was missing. I don't know. Maybe I've been too used to the rawness of us Malaysians that I can't fit well with the polished English. Not saying they are a bad crowd, but I think the English and Malaysian scene would mix very well together.

ii) Meet Uncle Hussain's breaking-up. I hampir kena heart attack when I was told about it. I was lost to England, the last song I downloaded from them was "Putihnya Lukisan", and I had that vibe of them being the band that would last forever. I expected them to last longer than bands like The Times, Hujan, Couple... I don't know. 

They were never a band that was IN the spotlight. They were loved, yes, they were adored, yes, they brought the roof down when they performed, yes, but they were very subtle and never had those controversy and gossip piercing at them. They weren't rockstars. They were musicians. True, pure musicians. That's why I felt such a strong vibe from them, a sort of genuineness in the band. I was doting on them to last for ages. Tapi.

Sigh. A sad loss for the music scene.

iii) Hujan's new song Mencari Konklusi, sedikit disappointing for me. I feel like they are not the whole Rantai Rasa Cinta band anymore... I hope their new album can still connect with me the way the first one did. Looking forward to buying it. But the style in Mencari Konklusi was slightly surprising, everyone's been saying how Hujan's sound is unique and will never change, but... it has

It's changed. Even his voice is a little different now, and to be quite honest, I don't care how many people used to say "I fucking hate his voice it sounds so dull"... I loved it.

Well, what can I say, moments that come and go, a tap on your shoulder and a BOO in your face... everything in the music scene is just like that. Just keep your eyes open and minds wide, and you have newer bands to look forward to and gigs after puasa. :)

With Love,
KL Mosher