Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Animosity Vs. Unity

I recently went to a gig that was a mixture of genres, with a hope to enjoy the unity of all music coming together.

I came out disappointed. Not only were the crowds unsupportive of the bands of other genres, the crowds were unsupportive towards each other. I seriously do not understand why people want to always pick a fight or purposely hurt people in the crowd. It doesn't matter if you accidentally push or shove or kick somebody. But never, ever is it acceptable when it is intentional.

I was also disappointed because a person who frequently did that was somebody I knew.
I spent the whole gig scorning at the kids who sang to The Times' "Tunjuk Perasaan". 'Rasa Sayang/ Tunjuk perasaan'... there's no use singing those lines if you are hurting each other at the same time. Is it so hard for the crowd to just, jump around and sing along without having to feel the need to shove somebody in the ribs or elbow people in the head?

Then there are those people who purposely enter the crowd during a band they never really listen to, just to get annoyed at the kids actually having fun. I saw a guy standing in the crowd with a frown on his face, clearly not enjoying himself, and there was a boy behind him having the time of his life dancing and singing along. He accidentally repeatedly slaps the frowning guy in the shoulder. All the guy could do was move away, but no. He had to kick the guy who was enjoying, ruining the moment for him. Why?

We're supposed to support each other in the scene and strengthen our unity that Aaron from Bane once appreciated. What the hell is all this animosity for? What can you gain out of it, other than people with hurt feelings and anger? Is that what you want in our scene?Hate?
Then by all means, keep on ruining the scene.

With Love,
KL Mosher

A Justification

Friends discussed about my previous dislikes of the hardcore moshing/dancing, and compared it to my current active role in it. I sensed some sort of judgment that might have labelled me 'hypocritical' of my own beliefs, so here I write an explanation. You can read from my previous posts, one of the earliest, an undeniable dislike I showed once towards it. I won't deny it. I called the moves' kungfu moshing', especially the moves I disliked - but I still do, to an extent. I want those who read my blog and know me in person to not misunderstand my point of view.

I do mosh now in a way I once found weird, credited to my now expanded knowledge of the hardcore culture. But I want to make it clear that I do still find some hxc moves unacceptable (to myself personally). I am only active in the traditional two-step/pizzamaker and breakdowns, because those are all I need for release.

I don't do the continuous flying, spinning kicks, the flinging, windmill arms, because I still stick to what I believed two years ago; those intentionally and obviously will hurt people. I don't mosh to hurt, I mosh to release. I wrote before I do not understand why the crowd would move in synchronisation to free music, but I now realize it is not a negative thing; almost an angry dance of release.

I still shake my head at kids who 2-step and breakdown and all the wrong parts of a song. What I do now, is not what I hate, nor what I love. Just a release.

With Love,
KL Mosher