Monday, April 26, 2010

BANE LIVE IN KL & FLAMES FESTIVAL Presale Tickets on sale!

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With Love,
KL Mosher

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When home is where music is

KL Mosher feels good about her life when things get tougher thanks to moments when she blasts her speakers up loud or have a sweaty crowd around during gigs, singing along wholeheartedly to songs that matter.

Places that rock:

One Cafe:

Everyone who are into the music scene should already know about this place by now. Booked with gigs from beginning til end of 2010, One Cafe is the hotspot for all underground and mainstream gigs to take place. The red stage, zebra crossing floor tiles, massage chairs at the back of the venue, who wouldn't love it?

Gallery Studio:

My jamming spot with my band, and also a place to meet and laugh with some of the AKD members :) I especially love the mamak-lepakings at Al-Mehraj, the busking boys at the hawker stall below Gallery (they are never the same, but the songs are always 'feel good'), and the pure colossal music in such a small environment.

Grido Studio:

Here is where everything is just chilled, where the kids who need an outlet from life to escape to and just talk about everything and nothing. With jam sessions that taste like hell (temperature wise - TRUST ME!) that occur in this place, this studio awkwardly feels like home and I can waste hours there without realizing the time.


It's not really Kitaro and the annoying mamaks there, it's more about the moments when you're sitting with a bunch of friends laughing at the world, and the band that plays beside BB Plaza starts to play an old tune that melts your heart. And before you know it, you and others are just singing along to that distance, muffled music of a live band. :)

Sally Bum:

And finally, my beloved friend / partner in crime's car, Sally Bum. With a CD case titled "The Bum Soundtrack", there is never a moment in the car when you're listening to bad music... Unless you're switching CDs and the radio comes on.

Places beginning to rock up:

I've been, as you all already know, watching the music scene as closely as I can to find things to discuss and share views with. So here are a few gig spots to splash out to you guys!

Shah Alam, Sek. 13, Pusat Perniagaan Worldwide, Medan Budaya:
Okay, the name is long I know, but it's a new place which a music organization are starting to introduce to giggers. It is near Tesco Shah Alam, and is outdoors, with a shaded stage and a food + drinks stall. Could become something.

Upcoming event there: 25th April - Catastrophe, This Sunday and more bands.

Dragonfly/Orange Club:
This is an old place but recently gigs have been taking place there. With an awesome stage and awesome sound, this place is perfect to just blast heavy music.

Upcoming event there: 9th May - Typecast LIVE in KL

KL Live Center:
Okay I admit, NOT at all a new place, but it's only starting to become a regular gig spot. Big area, big stage, nice lightings, awesome bands that come to Malaysia and perform there. What else to expect?

Upcoming event there: 28th April - Stereophonics LIVE in KL


It's not really about where you are, but as long as you have friends and music around you, that's when you're home.

With Love,
KL Mosher