Friday, April 17, 2009

Dissing bands on the bands's pages

I'm back to attack, and this time it's a quick one.

You know how in every single video on Youtube, you're always bound to find at least SOME sort of war going on between the ones who like the subjects of the videos, and those who find reasons to hate it?

Yeah well, it's happening around our music scene, and to be quite honest, it's not exactly the most mature thing to catch on to.
Today, I was trying to find a clearer version of "Putihnya Lukisan" by Meet Uncle Hussain sebab my version is slightly cacat-ed, but what I came across were comments 'fucking' MUH, and saying how they suck shit and all that stuff.

I'm pretty much used to the whole idea of that going on by now, I mean, everybody has their least favourite bands, of course... but may I ask WHY someone would purposely:
-Take the trouble to go and SEARCH for Meet Uncle Hussain 
-On a fairly unknown search engine
-... JUST to say they hate the band?

Honestly, ape point?

Are people actually that sad to waste their time looking up bands they don't like? Instead of sharing the love they have for other bands? If you don't like Meet Uncle Hussain, keep it to yourself, or talk amongst friends and other haters. There is no need to purposely grind down a band for your own pleasures, when the band really isn't doing anything to you. 

Selfish gila. And not to mention, you look so immature and childish, and no respect actually goes to you. We want our scene to go forward, to be bigger, greater, but with people like you guys filling the crowds? What are we supposed to expect? You want people to respect us, show respect to others. It all starts from that. It's simple.

When fans look for videos or MP3s or lyrics by their favourite artists, they really don't give a flying fart about how much you hate that artist. They're there because they are real music-lovers, searching for tunes they enjoy, and aren't ready to spend hours crapping about a band they dislike.

Learn from that.
With Love,
KL Mosher