Friday, December 10, 2010

Petty minds of a petty scene

The one thing that we still see a lot in the culture of our country, is unmistakably the lack of passion that leaves kids wasting a lot of time in useless pursuits, instead of focusing on a certain thing they want to thrive in and nothing else.

I've seen, witnessed, heard of and talked about a certain topic with a certain few of my friends who are unlike those that I spoke of above.

Sabotage;vicious mindless violence that offers nothing new" - (Crass)

Band to band:

Bands were once those people we look at and admire, people we looked up to, people we want to become. This value is slowly crumbling, not only because bands are now 'breeding like rats' (quoting Alak Knot Records), but also because bands don't seem to have enough respect for themselves anymore. They can't respect themselves, so they of course, are unable to respect others.

Such as a certain band, X, that comes from a similar hometown to another band, Y. The difference lies simply in the attitudes of the band members.
X is made up of a bunch of young boys who are ethically respectful. Y is made up of young boys who can be ethical, but instead decide to plunge into an immature feeling one cannot afford to hold while being in a band; jealousy.
SO as X starts getting shows, Y is chasing at their feet, calling up the organizers and backstabbing X, saying they (Y) deserve the slot a lot more. This had worked a few times because the organizers just don't want havoc and conflict, but dude... seriously?

Is this how you run a band, is this how you live as a band?
You can't even handle finding your way in the music scene without using spit-filthy tactics, you really think your band will reach the top, ever?

Being a band isn't just a group of friends making music, when you start being called for shows and start gaining fans, you're going to need a more mature behaviour. You're going to have to negotiate for your band in a decent, well-respected way. Sure, now you're getting gigs because you're sabotaging other bands, but sooner or later, through word-of-mouth by organizers you've bitched at, and bands you've let down, you're going to be nowhere, boys, nowhere.


Crowd to band

I've covered this before, and I will say it again. You don't like the band, get your face out of the crowd, don't stand there and make a shit face, don't stand there and laugh, don't stand there and jeer. Just walk away.

Especially if you're not in a band yourself and can't play instruments to save your life. How would you like it if one day you're laughing, and the band tells you to come up on stage and play something - since you seem to know better?

Bands play shows to give you entertainment, and if you can't appreciate that fact you're not a music-lover. Simply put.

Or being rude when they talk to you. Like when a boy was moshing by himself, in the back, behind the crowd, near a small kid. He was back-kicking, all that stuff. So later on, a member of a respectable band comes up and tells him, in a really loud voice "Hey you should be more careful, don't you see there were kids beside you, what if you kicked them?"
The boy stares at him, and goes "Yeah, yeah, I hear you, you deaf"

You don't want to know the rest of the story. Pahaha.


Crowd to Crowd

All this while I've been at crowds of different genres I have noticed and seen many things, from perverts grabbing to intentional backkicks at certain people you dislike, all the unethical behaviours, but never have I been as offended and ashamed by the crowd of KL as I was during Upon Arrival's set at MYMC Fest 2010.

There I was, unprepared to go for a gig; dressed in shorts and slippers, but enjoying myself to the max listening to Upon Arrival, the only band I went in for the event. Crowdsurfers, stagedivers, these people are all norms of any heavy gig you attend.
So there I am standing towards the front as people are jumping towards my head. I shove them backwards, I push them to other people - standard procedure.
But there is this one guy who stood behind me, who pushed a stagediver down onto the ground. The poor dude landed on his back, he bumped his head, he was in pure pain.
Then the guy behind me raised his arms in glee and shouted "WHOOO!", advancing towards the guy on the floor as if he was ready to kick him. I just pulled his shirt towards me and shouted at him, so loud, that almost everybody in front turned around. Berlagak giler, sial. I never felt such fury in the crowd before, ever since I punched a guy for trying to finger me in the crowd.

Bloody hell, this animosity is so strong in our scenes I don't bloody get it, people want to go to gigs to enjoy music! We want to have fun we want to appreciate the scene, but all these people kicking, fighting, laughing, mocking, hurting other people... why? What the hell do you gain?

Sometimes I wonder if these kids will always be this close-minded.

With Love,
KL Mosher