Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Members = New Sound?

It has been a time of the year when new bands have exploded up like popping daisies and also the time of the year where you hear "This band's changed singer" or "that band has a new guitarist".

But then you also hear two arguments that contradict each other so much, you wonder which one is the right one, and realize the bands actually do have a lot of pressure in decision making when coming to having new members.

Argument number one: They sound so different now, they aren't even the same band anymore!

Argument number two: The new vocalist sounds exactly like the old one: copycat!

But hey, some people change sounds, yet still sound good, like Butterfingers with "Kembali" and even Seven Collar's new album "The Great Escape". What's the magic to that?
a) Experience - If you guys don't have enough years of experience to give yourselves time to explore a range of music or have around you a solid fanbase to fall upon... Don't dare to change your style.

b) Keep the 'old you' - There's one thing about changing musical style, but there's another to be completely different until the point where you might as well change your band name altogether, you know? For example, there has to be a distinctive vocals for example such as like Seven Collar, or distinctive constant insertions of inspiration (with Butterfingers, it was very much the Malaysian culture). So when you change the genre, or the sound of your band, some part of your band remains the same. That is a key you can't teach, it's just part of being in a good band. :)

Some people diss bands who change their sounds, and it's not always because they sound bad. Fans sometimes just cannot accept when bands change their sounds to something different, which arguably, can be understood. A note to new bands: If you haven't released a full album and gigged enough places, DON'T think about changing your sounds if your fans love you.

Then there's argument two, when bands find replacements for those who leave (mainly a problem with vocalists) and the sound remains scarily the same.
Example: Meet Uncle Hussain.

Heard their new stuff? It's great. But it was obvious that some people would have problems with the AF dude and Black for sounding too alike Lan. "Copycats, lah", some say. "Not as good as Lan", others laugh.
However, guys, try taking a look from this point. How many people loved Meet Uncle Hussain because of the vocals when singing Lalala Kerjalah? Everyone. So would you guys rather Meet Uncle Hussain get a new vocalist who sings Lalala in a totally different tone or a new vocalist yang boleh buat sama dengan Lan? Of course people would want the latter. I know I would.

So why complain?

Take a look at Bittersweet, for example. They changed vocalist (and almost everybody else!) and started producing new sounds, not the Brit-rock inspired tunes like Capital E. Did people love it? No. Were the fans confused, and asking "Where did Bittersweet" go? Yes.

So think for yourselves and judge bands properly for the music they play, not as to who does it, or what style. If it's good, it's good, if it's shit, well... we can see the consequences.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Music's Forgotten

Okay, so, I've spent about a day thinking on whether I should post this up or not.
I guess you guys know what my decision was.

What this is about? Well, as the title is pretty self explanatory, I'll just skip the introduction and go into the details. Why are people starting to place preaching about subcultures and lifestyles before the music itself?

The music is where all these subcultures came from. But now people are placing the subcultures before the music. Ape benda tu, bhai? They pay so much attention to projecting their lifestyles and their outward behaviours that in turn, they're hiding their music away from the world because everyone are either annoyed or intimidated by them and are spreading word that these guys are not worth the listen.

Nazi Punks want to spread their lifestyle by getting more melayus to join them in the 'pure malays only' concept. Okay, other than the fact that they are living inside the stupid narrow-minded world of their own, and stopping other influences to broaden their music spectrum, let's stop and take a look at what you smartasses are actually doing.

Let's break it down and go step by step:
You guys want people to hear your music. Kan?
You guys want punk to live on. Kan?
But if you only allow your OWN Nazi Punkers to layan your music
- because your behaviour doesn't let any other subculture nak layan -
how the hell do you expect your music to be heard?
So in the end, whatever you guys are doing to create a scene, terpulang balik kat you, bros.

Oh sorry, I bukan your type, can't panggil korang bro. Lupa. Seriously, can you believe this kind of thing? You want music to live on, and you think music can keep living on, with you guys hiding away your own music? Come on lah, buka la minda.

I'm going to name the Nazi punk bands because I believe their music is still music, and if people who aren't part of their group stumble upon their music, they too have the right to listen, so I won't post the band names up just to tell people NOT to listen, but I'm posting the bands up so everyone can have a listen.

Listen to them, and show them what the universals of music is all about. You don't need to be a Nazi Punk to like their music.

No Dogs Body - http://www.myspace.com/nodogsbodyndb
Verbal Chaos - http://www.myspace.com/makihamon
Vixxen - http://www.myspace.com/vixxenkl
Steel Crescent - http://www.myspace.com/steelcrescent88
Revolt - http://www.myspace.com/therevolter
Huru Hara records - http://www.myspace.com/huruhararecords
Vetis - http://www.myspace.com/vetis88
Bintang Batu - http://www.myspace.com/bintangbatu
The Afflicts - http://www.myspace.com/theafflicts
Generation '92 - http://www.myspace.com/streetrockskin8
al azazhil - http://www.myspace.com/alazazhil
NSDM - http://www.myspace.com/448321025
Malay Power botherhood - http://www.myspace.com/malayanbrotherhood
JBH - http://www.myspace.com/399375788
The Overdose - http://www.myspace.com/overdoseriot
Backlash - http://www.myspace.com/backlashattack

If you guys want to beat me up, it'll just go to show how extremely immature you guys are. I'm doing you a favour. Just criticizing you along the way. Nothing personal.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Theory of Conflict

It's a funny little thing; conflict.
No matter how many excuses people come up with to fight with each other and shit like that, it still comes down to one thing: ignorance.

Come, come, let me share you a tale I've been conjuring up inside me for quite a while. If I get slaughtered after this, well, I die proud. HAHA.

Let me begin: The Nazi Punk Theory

So. You get Nazis all over the world now, not just Hitler's time. Sadly. So it roughly goes along the theory of 'pure-bloods' and only the best should be able to reside in their country. Example, only Russian purebloods can reside in Russia, only Malays can reside in Malaysia and only White Americans should reside in America. Yeah you get the point. It's like how Hitler thought only White Germans were allowed lah, kan?

I was just thinking then. If they succeeded in washing away the rest of the humans off the planet, and they had their country to themselves, what if the lack of humanity makes it a necessity to conjoin all the countries to make one big country as a whole? Which blood will be the purest for that country?
Or have you guys never thought that it's pretty hypocritical, that all of you are wearing the swastika on your jackets and hating other races when you have other races wearing the swastika as well? LOL!

So you're all part of this lifestyle that basically doesn't exist because it cannot be shared amongst other countries as a whole, because you guys only believe in your own type. That's my theory. So good luck with your work... and well, see you in hell. :)

Conflict in general
I find it a waste that we have all these different subcultures and lifestyles and ways of living, that makes everybody want to be different to be everyone else, and feel that it is a need to dislike other people who don't share your same views. Looking at it from a point of someone who's not part of any group in general, and is friends with people from conflicting group, it's a real pity.
People say music unites, and everybody who loves music is one big family.
Then we get people who diss other people's taste in music
or diss their clothing
or diss their way of life
and I go; what the hell?

There's so many loops to the things people say, how do we know what's true and what's right, if so many hypocrites are still standing screwing up the music scene?
With Love,
KL Mosher

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stay out of the gig if you like fighting.

SUMPAH BODOH SIAL. I am so fucking disappointed in the crowd right now. So disappointed. It's bad enough that we get a lot of annoying and rude kids in our scenes who have no respect for each other and the bands, but this time, things really ticked a nerve in me.

a) It is a complete disrespect to the music lovers and to the bands by just ditching a gig and ditching the music you came for in the first place to put your noses into people's businesses. To layan people who aren't even worth layan-ing. If people want to start a fight, if people want to cause trouble, you're not better than them by making it worse by joining in.

If people just learnt to ignore those trouble makers, then the gigs would go on, they would eventually just leave because they're bored, and can't pick a fight. Why must you guys sebuk2 go and join the anger? Join the nonsense?

Okay, readers, some of you are probably confused. Let me just set the story out straight. Two skinhead posers (I am going to talk about this in point b) came to a gig I went to this weekend, and they broke up the whole crowd to just make space for themselves. They showed us the middle fingers, they shoved us around. Then when the giggers decided 'lantak ar' and moshed, one of them accidentally kicked one asshole's face.

So what happens? They want to start a fight, because they're too damn pussy to just understand that these things happen in a moshpit. SO they start blaming every guy for kicking them, and then the next thing you know, everyone goes out. Leaves the gig. To watch the fight.

Look. Situation collision course: they want to fight. You watch the fight. This makes them feel cool. SO? The fight won't stop bodoh. Then the people watching say "jangan la!"

Well kalau korang tak nak diaorang gaduh.... don't watch in the first fucking place! -_- If everybody just stays in and IGNORES the idiots... sudah. Problem solved.

Which takes me to point b

b) A message to those two botaks a.k.a assholes... you guys totally trashed the meaning of skinhead subculture. You guys think by doing what you did, that's true 'skinhead behavior' ke? Suck me, man. So not true. A real skinhead won't go into a gig that isn't even a gig they enjoy. Lagipun skinhead minat punk, what the fuck were you guys doing in a metal gig? Saje je nak cari pasal kan?

What did we ever to do you guys? A real skinhead won't pick fights for no reason, because they don't have to prove that they're aggressive. Skinheads are known to be aggressive, they don't have to pick on random people over a SMALL pathetic, loser-ish reason like "kena tendang in the chin". Lagipun that kick wasn't even on purpose. It was a stupid accident.

You think by doing that, you seem macho? You seem aggressive? You seem hot and strong? My ass, lah. That just makes you guys:
- pussies
- kids
- and ouch! I know it hurts.... NOT a skinhead :D

So two messages for the giggers out there.
Next time there's a fight, don't fucking encourage it. Just ignore it. Just let the idiots have their fun and pretend they're not there. Don't tell me you guys suka ke, tengok your own friends and stuff get hurt by creeps like them? Tak kan? So? Stay out.

Second message?

Next time you guys decide to be part of a subculture, shave your heads and wear leather boots... actually KNOW what it is all about. KNOW the history of the subculture. KNOW what you're like.

Skinheads does not mean REMPIT. Okay? Tu benda lain. So learn your facts, dumbshits.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Friday, October 23, 2009

"I have to see that band..."

"..... even though I don't know them!"

or those people that say:

"I love that band! I love that song __________!"

Oh wow, loving a song that's currently playing on the radio ten times a day makes you SUCH a fan, man...

-_- Bapak xcool doh.

What triggered me?


Okay, but how did that make me get all pissy and annoyed? I don't know really, but you know me by now, I find faults in everything. I'm like the mother of the music scene that never gives it credit, just criticizing non-stop.
Well, like any mothers, I just want what's best for them.... LOL. Mengarut je.

Enough crapping. Okay. So the Buzzcocks are coming, there's going to be a huge uproar, everyone's going to love it, loads of people are going to go... but out of the 'loads of people', how many would actually know enough about the Buzzcocks?

How many are actually familiar with the fact that they were the leaders during the Joy Division new wave period. Sidekicking with them were The Drones, Warsaw (pre-J.Division)... the places that stunk of punk and sex and music spots like Electric Circus.

Damn, I wished I lived through those times. But back on the subject, I just get very frustrated when people say the LOVEEEE a particular band, when they don't even know the roots, the base, and some people, even the goddamn music.

So I'm just hoping that everybody who's going to roar and thump their fists into the air singing along to "Ever Fallen In Love" and "Orgasm Addict" are really passionate with it, not just because they want to say "Yeah I've seen Buzzcocks, I love them soooooo much" (when really you don't).

And this applies to every single gig.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodbye subcultures, hello fakecultures.

Geram doh.

I think if I ever get to rule my own universe, I will make everybody naked. I won't invent clothes. I People will have to go moshing and to gigs without clothes. Maybe then, they won't find things to laugh and insult, or try to show off.

So we're at the point where we have a lot of sprouting genres, some that don't even make sense, some that sounds the same as another but a twang of the guitar makes it different. This also means we're at the peak of where all the old, forgotten subcultures, are mushed with new, or resurrected to life. We look around gigs and perhaps we can see at least 5 different kinds of 'goth's, 3 different kinds of 'nu wave', and then you get the hip-hoppers, and whatnot. What happened to humans?

Straight Edge

What is with the sudden uprise about this long discovered genre? It's kind of funny for the Malaysian giggers trying so hard to be this, when the majority of them smoke like a chimney and can't live without meat, have hidden sex parties around town. LOL. Enough said.


It's a genre, not a style.

Terima kasih.


Even simple ones like hardcore genre and gigs, you find people who try to so hard to fit into the particular genre, to stand out, that you completely forget about the one important thing; the music. It is like they are selling the names of bands to prove their knowledge, and they hardly even listen to the band itself. It is like people are starting to put across this image of a huge music fan, just to gain some status. Come on guys, are you serious?

Worst thing is, you'd start dissing others about their subculture, and whatnot. You guys diss the people who actually, truly follow a subculture, like memang kaw2 pakai pakaian thats 100% and listen to music 100% that influences their subculture. Tapi they are the ones that kena dissed. Just because they are brave enough to go to the ultimate extremes? Uh, not cool.

At least they're living it real, not like you fakecultural people who SAY you're something, but just do it half-heartedly with intentions for attention.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Sunday, October 4, 2009

No Lovers Allowed

Okay, this is a serious issue, despite the pretty erm.. 'humorous' title.

There's a certain obligation and compromise when you become part of a band. You have to divide yourself into two sections - Personal life and band life. You can't have people interfering with your dreams, nor can you have some lover/wife/boyfriend who is supposed to understand and adapt to the life of a rockstar in the first place, to tell you what to do with your band.

Unless, of course, it is good criticism that advices the band to strive.

This weekend, I hear of a band that recently had to switch members due to some wife's attitude. That is just absolutely unacceptable. The band's had a strong, tight line-up, not to say friendship, for about five years, and just because the wife of the vocalist had issues with jealousy and incapability to accept the band members and their lovers, (see what I mean by not letting 'personal life' kacau?), she tells the vocalist to kick out the guitarist and the drummer.

Okay, that's not the stupid part.
The stupid part is that he listened.
And who's playing the guitar now? Some kid who doesn't even know how to tune his guitar right and play the solos that once conquered the songs.
Piss off, I'm pissed off about this.

To musicians' girlfriends/wives/boyfriends/husbands/mistresses, etc:-
Look. You wanted to be with them because of who they are. So there's a compromise. There's a certain freedom a musician possesses that you have to accept the moment you hold their hand. You can't own them. You have to accept this. And their band actions should not have anything to do with you. If you have a problem with any of their bandmates, you just have to swallow it. That's what a supportive lover is. Not someone who tells your husband to kick out the drummer because you fell out with his girlfriend. Babi betul.

Musicians have a wild soul, they mingle, they socialize, they mix. They get famous, and people (both guys and girls) will swarm up on them. You can't even THINK about being jealous in this situation. If you want a guy who listens to everything you say and stay at home, marry a god damn business man. And even with them, you can't own them. So imagine a free-willed musician.

To the musicians with controlling lovers:-
You can let them control you on your TV programs, on the food you eat and the things you do, but never ever let them near your music life. You start a band, you love the band, you live the band. You don't suddenly give control of your band-making decisions to your wife/husband. That's just wrong. If they really are good lovers, they would want the best for you and want you to succeed. They wouldn't kick out GOOD musicians and replace them with background faces because they have stupid personal issues, that are half the time immature anyway.

If they can't accept that you have to have this part of freedom with you the rest of your life, I'm sorry man, you're going to be taking care of kids at home, cooking dinner for wifey in no time. If they respect you, they'd compromise, not hold your ball-sacks and expect you to obey.

Band name disclosed, by the way, I'm not a tell-tale. :)

With Love,
KL Mosher

Welcome the ones we know, sudah!

Mind the lame sarcasm of the post title, and let's get down to the real point I'm trying to make here.

Again, I went to a gig recently, and there's something I've realized about the music-followers of our country. It applies to their reaction to bands, styles of playing and people in general.

They just think it's enough to accept what they already know, and don't even bother to appreciate the new things. I'm not saying this applies to everybody, but when you attend a heavy metal gig, there are just so many faults to pinpoint on. And isn't that what I love doing, anyway?

New bands or new-sounding bands:
People go to gigs to support the bands they like, I get that, because I do it, too.
But why do they have to be so cold towards bands they haven't heard of or just don't really listen to? The crowd gets a little quieter, the people turn their backs and walk away from a band that's sweating their butt off to make a show work and to play for them. Where the hell is the respect dude? Worst thing, they start cursing and insulting the bands. If you don't fucking like the band or if you can't wait for the band you're looking forward to, keep it to yourself and shut the hell up. Everybody goes to gigs to play music, and if you memang seorang peminat muzik, you won't bloody disrespect people making music. At least they are doing something - what do you have to say about yourself?

A different genre thrown into a set genre-d gig:
This is so unbelievably obvious in heavy metal/hardcore gigs. SO obvious.
You get bands who play hardcore and hell, people adore it. Then a band comes on, and they play this fantastic piece of acoustic guitar solo, and everybody just gets bored.
Take Black Territory for example. During their album launching, they played this absolutely heartfelt tune, but we hear people talking and walking away, and giving polite, SOFT claps...
Look, this doesn't show you guys are metalheads or fucking hardcore. This just shows you guys no NOTHING about the magic and the passion and the chemistry of friggin' metal music.
Metal isn't just about screaming about hate and death and whatnot. Metal's about the works of the guitars, the passion put into the pieces played out, the unbelievable talent it takes for someone to move their fingers across the body of the guitar to release some absolutely wild tunes.

You find all heavy metal bands are bound to have some soft tunes at some point. It's like... a tradition. If you can't accept that shit, you're no metalhead, and you definitely don't appreciate music, if you can't even appreciate a genius work played live for you.

Cliques and discrimination:
You see a person who's dressed a little different, mixes with a different group to yours, and what's your first reaction?
Normally, I would shove it off, tick it unimportant. But NO, that's not the case with some people. They go to gigs and stare and laugh at other people, not even bothering about making new friends. They think they know it all, they're all that. But hey, if you really are that respectable and 'great', you would have the decency and integrity to actually know what's the real meaning of socializing. It's not just about putting on some image and pretending you're that cool.


It's time these habits stop, it's time we open up our arms to more than what we know. This is probably one of the reasons why our music scene can never strive. If no one's interested in what's out there, if no one's willing to accept new things, how the hell do you expect us to break through this barrier of obnoxious, self-indulgent people?

With Love,
KL Mosher

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

Yes, guess who's back? Me.

Lots of things to talk about, most about music but not much really that triggers the mind of KL Mosher. However, there are so many things one can expect in the music world but definitely the one main thing one should always be prepared for is... Unexpected things.

In the music world, you gotta be prepared for any sudden turn, change, a sudden wrong decision, a failure that you never saw coming, a surprise. You have to keep your hopes high, and low as well. Pening lah, kononnya.

Anyway, I'm just talking about that, because for the past few months I terhilang to England and France, I noticed and realized and found out a lot of things that quite honestly surprised me (in good and bad ways).

i) The Malaysian crowd gempak! compared to UK crowds! We can seriously fight! :) That's the good surprise. For the first time, I tak ada benda to complain about the KL scene. Hahaaaa, tau lah, I surrender. But hey, this is really something that blew me away. I headed to the Sonisphere Heavy Metal Fest at Knebworth, UK (Led Zeppelin pernah main di sana, so it's heavenground!)... I caught awesome bands like Metallica, Nine Inch Nails (their last tour), Lamb of God... the list goes on. But that's not my point. What my point is: the crowds were.... Crazy, YES, but hell, I'm sure if you threw in a bunch of Malaysian giggers into the crowd, it would've been chaotic.

Somehow, they were WHACK, but there was no real "WOARRGHHH!!!!" to their moshing and energy. Something was missing. I don't know. Maybe I've been too used to the rawness of us Malaysians that I can't fit well with the polished English. Not saying they are a bad crowd, but I think the English and Malaysian scene would mix very well together.

ii) Meet Uncle Hussain's breaking-up. I hampir kena heart attack when I was told about it. I was lost to England, the last song I downloaded from them was "Putihnya Lukisan", and I had that vibe of them being the band that would last forever. I expected them to last longer than bands like The Times, Hujan, Couple... I don't know. 

They were never a band that was IN the spotlight. They were loved, yes, they were adored, yes, they brought the roof down when they performed, yes, but they were very subtle and never had those controversy and gossip piercing at them. They weren't rockstars. They were musicians. True, pure musicians. That's why I felt such a strong vibe from them, a sort of genuineness in the band. I was doting on them to last for ages. Tapi.

Sigh. A sad loss for the music scene.

iii) Hujan's new song Mencari Konklusi, sedikit disappointing for me. I feel like they are not the whole Rantai Rasa Cinta band anymore... I hope their new album can still connect with me the way the first one did. Looking forward to buying it. But the style in Mencari Konklusi was slightly surprising, everyone's been saying how Hujan's sound is unique and will never change, but... it has

It's changed. Even his voice is a little different now, and to be quite honest, I don't care how many people used to say "I fucking hate his voice it sounds so dull"... I loved it.

Well, what can I say, moments that come and go, a tap on your shoulder and a BOO in your face... everything in the music scene is just like that. Just keep your eyes open and minds wide, and you have newer bands to look forward to and gigs after puasa. :)

With Love,
KL Mosher

Sunday, June 7, 2009

No one knows what MOSH is all about

Alright, this is not about judging nor misinterpreting, I am just venting. So I don't really give a flying fart about whoever who wishes to point a finger at my blog or me (if you know me in person) to go "Hey, this chick knows nothing about moshing" because I can dare to claim that yes, I downright fucking know what a mosh is all about, and yes, I am right and you are wrong, and yes, I am a going to be stark stubborn about this naked truth because I am not the only who look at the way mosh has mutated nowadays, just like gothic music, just like emo music, just like indie, punk and all that, into some sort of a statement.

And it's fucking grossing me out.

There is no such thing as 'indie moshing', no such thing as 'hardcore moshing', no such thing, because only one bloody mosh exists. Just moshing.

Since the stone ages, since the time someone first knew how to bash the drum kit, since the time someone first decided to let oneself go to the sound of music, since before genres split, since before rock split, when rock was just rock, not post-rock, hard rock, classic rock, since before metal was metal, not death metal, heavy metal, trash metal, there has always been just one form of expression for the crowds in a mosh pit.

But now. You look at a gig, especially a hardcore gig, and see... I don't know, some sort of thing which they call "Hardcore moshing". Fuck that. All I see, is a bunch of posers deciding to form a sort of choreographed dance for hardcore listeners to replace moshing with. All I see is a sudden seizure on the shoulder to cause a flailing of a windmill arm, all I see is people acting out moves they see in kungfu films, all I see is a bunch of kids with penis cramps trying to get rid of the pain by swinging their legs in circular motions, all I see is people getting forcefully hurt, all I see is a bunch of kids believing what they do is cool, all I see is a bunch of kids separating the crowd to show off their actions, all I see is a bunch of kids wanting fucking attention.

That is all I see. And moshing is NOT about that.

Let me put it through clearly and simply. Moshing. Is. 

Moshing is movement to the music. Moshing is not choreography; you can head to So You Think You Can Dance for that. Moshing is not a dance; you can't learn it, you don't follow people to do it, you don't have moves, you aren't taught moshing.
Moshing is you, you are moshing, you are moving to the music, you are trashing around with the music because you want to vent and you are moving around to the music, because you love the feeling of freedom and you love the feeling of music pumping through your veins.

That is moshing.

Moshing is not getting into the crowd with a group of friends and separating the crowd to create one big circle for you to show your moves in, because moshing isn't about showing off, you can do that in front of Maybank in Bukit Bintang with the shufflers. 

Someone told me "Well, people are meant to get hurt in a mosh pit."
Yes, I know that. But what they are doing now, these hardcore moshers, are PURPOSELY kicking people, purposely punching people, purposely trashing people. Moshing isn't just about getting hurt, numbfucks. There used to be atime when real moshing was evident, where someone would get punched in the eye and know it wasn't intentional. Because they got elbowed in the ribs when someone else got in the way, because they too, were feeling the music, because when someone got hurt in a mosh, it wasn't planned. It just happened. There was a time when everyone had a chance to mosh, but now it's not the same, now, if you can't do what they do, if you can't spaz yourself the way they do, then you're not a mosher. What the shit is that?

Hardcore moshers intend to hurt people. They intend to get hurt. That is what fucking pisses me off. Then when they get kicked in the ass, they show some sort of bravery going "Oh I am so cool, I got trashed and I am still okay". DUUDE! Get a fucking life!

Yes, moshing is violent, but it's not intentional violence. You push around, you let your body go, you headbang, you go wild, but in a true mosh, you don't kick, you don't punch, you don't do any sort of shit with the intent to hurt.

Moshing is freedom, moshing is happiness.
Why are people starting to split that too into groups and regulations?
There should never be rules to moshing. Yes, one can argue "So why can't we do what we do?"
Well that's because what you do isn't freedom, what you do is what you observe and learn and is taught to do. What you do isn't following the music, what you do is following a trend. 
Hardcore moshing is exactly one of those things that ruin the unity we seek in music scenes.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Friday, May 22, 2009

Does it matter?

Does dressing up matter whatsoever in the music scene?

Is it supposed to?

Well, in certain perspectives, I believe that I have to myself admit that dresscode plays an important role to defining a band and recognizing certain genres. 
For example; Bittersweet and their forever smart dress-ups.

Take Komplot with their vests and hat.

Going far back, even The Beatles had their own suit and tie dressing along with the bob-hair that made them stand out from the rest.

Yes, fashion, in a way, does set its ground rules in the music scene, and of course has to be respected. But I am starting to be quite concerned with the way some people start judging and insulting people by the way they dress.

Just last week, I attended an event that was held at Bentley's Auditorium; a well elegant and sophisticated hall, carpeted and dimmed to fit a very hotel-like atmosphere. So, I walk in with a scarf around my head and the usual skinny jeans, T-shirt and converse.
And then I was bombarded with:
"Eh, sini tak de mosh la, balik rumah la."

Dude, just a few things you might want to realize -
Sure, I may be dressed a little more rocked up for an event like this, but that doesn't determine that I was some person who was about to throw myself in a mosh.
Secondly, my dressing might not match the event, but at least my attitude did; what do you have to say about yours?
Yelling at somebody to 'go home' isn't exactly the kind of behavior you're meant to have at a place like that?
I could easily have said "Looks like you're the one who needs to go home, not me."

Seriously, he was both rude and hypocritical.
And also, this showed me that if one guy had that mentality, then surely so do a lot more others.

Is appearance really that amusing to pick and be used to judge people? He himself was dressed proper and well, but did he even possess the personality of a well and proper guy? NO.
What I'm trying to accentuate is that you can walk into a hardcore gig wearing a skirt and still be a rocker at heart if you suddenly start headbanging and singing along to every word from Love Me Butch's songs.
You can walk into a moshpit wearing studs and chains and look like you're about to kill someone and be a total wimp when somebody knocks you in the head and you go "OWWWWWWWW... that hurttttttttttttt."

So no one has the right to judge what kind of person you are based on what you wear or how you look.

A music lover is a music lover. If you go to an event, and enjoy the right way, the way expected, the way you should, who the shit gives a flying fart if you decide to go in your boxers huh?

With Love,
KL Mosher

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fakes and Originals

I was browsing through the band pages on Myspace when I came across photos from The Times' merchandise photo album (www.myspace.com/timesmovement), and saw that they had uploaded a picture of a guy wearing a fake pasar malam The Times Tshirt.
Of course, we've seen loads for other bands like Meet Uncle Hussain and Hujan.

Now. A lot of people are of course against the whole pirated merchandise/CD, etc etc, but hey doesn't that make us all a liiittle bit hypocritical? I mean, how many of us can actually say "Yeah I've never owned a pirated CD of an indie band or downloaded FREE MP3s off the net?"

No one, man.

And I was thinking about this point, and decided that what's most important is the passion and genuine love for the music being produced by the band - regardless of how you get their music and what merchandise you wear.

For example, it is pretty difficult to actually get hold of an original merchandise of most bands in Malaysia because we are so widespread that some merch are in Ipoh and some are in JB and some are in KL, so people from other parts just cannot get hold of the clothes.

So wouldn't it be unfair if a major fan of The Times was to buy the fake shirt purely because he wants to have something that reminded him of the band and someone turns to him and say "Hey you, you're not a fan, you're buying pirated things, you're not supporting them."

But he's one of those huge fans that manages to go to many of the band's shows and gigs. Isn't that unfair?

What I really am trying to say is, we can have our own opinions on whether we wish to buy originals or fakes, but we shouldn't judge people by what they wear or how they get their music.

If people buy fakes and aren't major fans of the band, then yeah, lame. Hey if they buy the ORIGINAL and aren't fans, that's also lamer.

So you see, it doesn't really matter because what label you buy and what clothes you wear doesn't determine how much of a rocker you are.
With Love,
KL Mosher

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dissing bands on the bands's pages

I'm back to attack, and this time it's a quick one.

You know how in every single video on Youtube, you're always bound to find at least SOME sort of war going on between the ones who like the subjects of the videos, and those who find reasons to hate it?

Yeah well, it's happening around our music scene, and to be quite honest, it's not exactly the most mature thing to catch on to.
Today, I was trying to find a clearer version of "Putihnya Lukisan" by Meet Uncle Hussain sebab my version is slightly cacat-ed, but what I came across were comments 'fucking' MUH, and saying how they suck shit and all that stuff.

I'm pretty much used to the whole idea of that going on by now, I mean, everybody has their least favourite bands, of course... but may I ask WHY someone would purposely:
-Take the trouble to go and SEARCH for Meet Uncle Hussain 
-On a fairly unknown search engine
-... JUST to say they hate the band?

Honestly, ape point?

Are people actually that sad to waste their time looking up bands they don't like? Instead of sharing the love they have for other bands? If you don't like Meet Uncle Hussain, keep it to yourself, or talk amongst friends and other haters. There is no need to purposely grind down a band for your own pleasures, when the band really isn't doing anything to you. 

Selfish gila. And not to mention, you look so immature and childish, and no respect actually goes to you. We want our scene to go forward, to be bigger, greater, but with people like you guys filling the crowds? What are we supposed to expect? You want people to respect us, show respect to others. It all starts from that. It's simple.

When fans look for videos or MP3s or lyrics by their favourite artists, they really don't give a flying fart about how much you hate that artist. They're there because they are real music-lovers, searching for tunes they enjoy, and aren't ready to spend hours crapping about a band they dislike.

Learn from that.
With Love,
KL Mosher

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Korn will say you're "Hypocrites!"

Sunburst burned through everybody's bodies, leaving memories and even physical marks that the event did come and go. With superb performances by both international and local acts, there was nothing we could complain about, except perhaps the lack of food choices and stolen items. 

But I am not myself if I don't find something to complain about, kan? You know. KL Mosher, the ranter. I keep disappearing for vast amounts of time, and I apologize, but things have been pretty hectic around here. Exams, semua.

You know.

So. What with the title? Okay, I admit, I was showing the lame side of me by using Korn's song title 'hypocrites' merely because they performed at Sunburst. But this post doesn't have to do much with them at all, to be quite honest. About Sunburst, saja. And of course, how it links to everywhere else. 

Hypocrites. To make it clear apa maksud itu, a hypocrite is a name you would give to someone who tends to say he/she doesn't want to do something but does it anyway. For example, a guy scolds his friend about smoking, then he smokes himself. Or a girl says she isn't a bitch but in fact is very bitchy to people. Macam tu, lah.

My idea of 'hypocrites' this time, goes out to those who criticize a certain genre or band, but then heads over to watch them perform anyway. Don't you realize it's pretty pointless to talk about how much you dislike a particular sound or band but you just end up singing along - because you magically memorized the lyrics - to the songs? Why must some people feel embarrassed or are just not willing to admit to their true feelings about particular sounds? To follow trends? 

Before Sunburst, banyak orang fck Hujan - this is something I know I talk a lot about, but this issue really does prove a lot of points, don't you think? Anyway, I head over to Livesounds stage at Sunburst when Hujan is performing and what do I see? A whole group of people listening and singing along to their songs. This is a really good thing, on one aspect; no one was rude to them. But on the other aspect, it makes me frustrated.

Who said you don't like Hujan? Pfft!

I had that kind of reaction. Similarly to this, I find this whole "I don't like ______" applying a lot towards Indonesian music, too. Suddenly, the whole malaysian indie scene clan seem to be part of some anti-Indon music movement, where people cringe at Indonesian songs, and radio stations consider Indon music as 'uncool'. 
Oh, please, grow up. 

The majority of those people who say 'fck jiwang music' seem to be the ones who knows all the lyrics to Peter Pan or Sheila on 7 tunes. Sometimes when I talk about Nidji, or any other Indonesian bands, I get weird stares and glares. But when Nidji performed at Sunburst, almost everyone who attended parked themselves in front of the stage, screaming "I love you!" and singing along to everysinglesong.

Again, what are us Malaysians trying to prove by always finding something to go against? Can't we just... accept everything? Sure, it's fine if you don't like a particular band/sound because you just don't enjoy the type of music, but come on, are you trying to tell me that all of a sudden, hundreds of people decide they no longer like Jiwang music, or singing along to Aku Scandal? Seriously...

Did you know XFresh used to play Indonesian music, wayyyy before they became the indie station? Talk about hypocrisy kaw2, weh.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Self Conscious?

You know. It really sucks that after so long of not complaining on this blog, I was starting to believe there were actually starting to be improvements in the gig scene. Maybe KL Mosher can shut up once and for all.

But. Urgh.

What I see now is a weird mix of pogo/shuffle/mosh. It's actually very disturbing, if I may add... it's like, dancing gone wrong.

These guys are being more conscious of the way they move than to the music. Which is pretty lame to be honest. When you go to gigs, you go for the music, you go there to let loose and just... be. You don't think about how you look, you don't think about what's the best way to shake or vibrate to the music to gain attention. It's just... sick, the way I see how some people just take up the space in the crowd to go all weird and epileptic-ish. They basically don't even GO with the music, they just... vibrate and act all spasm-ic.

It's disturbing.

What's the point? Just MOVE goddamit, you don't have to think about HOW. Just... MOVE that body. If you wanna shake, take pills and head to the club. Gigs don't hold spaces for people like you.

If this is going to be the new trend in our famous 'bad trends' in the local scene... er, call back the kungfu moshers please! 

Not that I would choose either, if I had a choice. :\

With Love,
KL Mosher

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunburst KL

As we all know, and are peeing our pants with anticipation over it - Sunburst KL is hitting our town again! Hell yeah. Excited as I am however, I haven't forgotten the few 'bad's I witnessed from the previous Sunburst in 2008.

Disastrous stuff, man. I mean, no it didn't cause havoc to Sunburst, but the little things that could've been met to make Sunburst a WOW concert (for me) didn't really happen... much to my disappointment.

I think I have mentioned in my Zombie Crowds blogpost pasal semua yang bayar banyak duit just to stand around and look cool. I swear, if it happens again this year, I am going to scream. Come on lah, do you guys seriously think it's worth it paying over RM200 just to stand around? It's not only a waste of your money, but it's also a waste of the bands' efforts for performing for you guys... you know?

So please, if you're attending Sunburst - or any other concerts for that matter - ... ENJOY IT! Jump around, love the songs, sing along, and make the bands feel appreciated. 

Secondly, an issue I would like to strain on a bit stronger. Hujan might be making an appearance at Sunburst this year. They did last year, and are invited again to perform this year, much to my enthusiasm! Hujan, the band that's been MIA since last year, ever since the whole issues against them erupted. This makes me think of something, a few possibilities that might happen in Sunburst. Guys, if you want Sunburst to work, if you really are music-lovers... hear me out.

Sunburst has 4 stages. If you don't like the band performing at Stage One, kindly proceed to either one of the other three stages and support the other bands. If not, you can always sit at the shaded sections and have a cup of drink until a band you do like come on. You could visit the Silent Disco and dance with the wireless headphones. You could play games. But don't... don't think it is alright to be barbaric and decide to insult and degrade any bands you dislike. It's not a healthy sight to see someone purposely watching a band they dislike just to 'fck' them when the band comes on stage. Please. Keep a happy environment seriously.

Also, to all peraba's. Keep your hands to yourself coz' this time no one's taking the shit. 

If you guys see a girl telling some guy to get out of the crowd, that'll probably be me. Hwar. So yeah, if you're going to Sunburst, bring some sun lotion or  you'll get burnt. Get a towel for sweat, deodorant (for your stink), and MONEY for food or you'll starve. Bring a change of t-shirt. And of course... your ticket to enter :)

Tips for the girls who wish to mosh:
-Wear hoodies
-Tie up your hair
-Wear shorts only at your own risk
-Keep your head down when you mosh, not up and ready for people to punch you in the face.
-Don't wear jewels, dangly stuff, valuable things. We don't want it to be a bloodied ground now do we?
-Keep it simple; 12 hours under the sun, maybe under the rain... you don't need to dress to dazzle

Stuff for guys to keep in mind:
-Protect your girl
-Don't start fights, it just ruins everything

Okay I'm out of ideas right now. More updates on Sunburst as the time comes.
With Love,
KL Mosher

Thursday, January 29, 2009

KL Mosher speaks out.

A said:
i checked your blog
u dont like *band name hidden(1)* too huh?

KLMosher said:

Anonymous said:
dude they get paid 4k in 1 show

KLmosher said:
they hav good stage presence but im not into their music

A says:
lol believe it or not
our band might make a diss song about *band name hidden(1)*

KLmosher says:
now thats not right

A says:
nah it is cool
but its gonna be unreleased LOL

KLmosher says:
if u read my other blog u'd noe wht i mean by its not right
musicians is about respect

A says:

KLmosher says:
u want people to respect you and your band
you gotta respect people back.
people wont take you guys seriously
its like what i tell those ppl who fuck *band name hidden(2)* just coz they wanna fuck them, not coz they dont like their music or whatever

A says:
ah ha!
i heard alot of people hate *band name hidden(2)* now

KLmosher says:
u tink that makes them music fans? no fcking way. 
i'd spit on people like that, but again, i gotta hold myself in a way thts respectable n not sink as low as them. 
*band name hidden(2)* deserves the respect. they dont go fucking everyone who fucks them. they take it like real professionals. now that's the kind of thing we need more in our music scene which is currently, honestly, quite barbaric

A says:
 i dont know i heard becuz
since their so famous
they tend to be cocky and shit

KLmosher says:
yeah la thats the problem
people "heard"
ever spoke to someone who actually SAW them cocky? i noe i havent. and even tho they were cocky, well, hell, how many celebrities in the world are cocky? shit loads. but jus coz the band members are cocky, does that mean we must forget about what the band is rlli about? which is THE MUSIC?
wht r they saying? we gotta boycott every band that has a cocky member, even tho their music might be kickass? they still r willing to perform for the crowds, is tht cocky? they stil giving music to ppl's ear. thts the least we shud be grateful for.

A says:
oh ok ok your right
but hye thats what my groupie said
im not into *band name hidden(2)*.heck never heard any of their songs too
and about *band name hidden(1)*
lol man..

KLmosher says:
well then that's fine. u dnt like them, so u can jus... not have anything to do with them. but if u fuck *band name hidden(2)*, thats NOT fine, coz well u never heard them. 

A says:
i knw its disrespecting dissing *band name hidden(1)*
but hey as far as im concern we havent done anything wrong to them
its just thoughts

KLmosher says:
yeah. about *band name hidden(1)*. u want ur band to make it big then dont think about dissing *band name hidden(1)*. the fans u get r only gna b temporary. 
if ur bands jus for fun
then yeah make it
their jus thoughts, sure, but that sound like an excuse ur bands gna make when someone confronts u about the song
n sumone is gonna say the same thing tht im saying. 'keep ur thoughts to urself, if its jus meant to insult'

A says:
is not my idea in the first place -.-

KLmosher says:
i didnt say its ur idea no need to cover up, ur part of the band, im jus referring to ur band

A says:
hey dude dont say someting like that
its just thoughts and we know what were doing
were not gonna diss *band name hidden(1)* eh
unless they fuck us up
then we'll consider

KLmosher says:
but i dnt see why *band name hidden(1)* would wanna fuck u guys up lmao. and if u guys make a song dissing them jus coz they fck u up, u guys r gonna look like the immature ones
u noe tht rite?
if u guys still remain steady and strong without giving in to wtv they might do to u guys, thts better than sinking as low as them  but receiving lesser support

Another thing I want you guys to think about... DO NOT for one second try to cover up for yourself if your band is at fault. Saving your own ass rather than getting into shit with the rest of your band members is a cowardly act. Pengecut. Don't. 

I thought I would like to post this conversation up saja sebab it hits many topics that I covered. :) About respect, semua.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"New" Bands?

Okay, listening to Jason Mraz's "You and I Both" while writing this does not exactly help me get into the 'garang' mood, but heck, here's a secret revealed - KL Mosher possesses a heart for soft tunes :)

Right, the real deal's here.

New bands. Fresh bands. Something different.
Er... really?

It's actually getting so damn hard now to find bands that can actually be stated as 'new' in terms of sound and the music they play. They're just new because they're young. That's about it.
Of course, who can argue the fact that every single 'new' genre  leads back to an older one. It's inevitable. Music has reached its peak in terms of coming up with new genres. Now, if someone comes up with a new name for some sound of music, people just laugh and go "oh my god, that's the same bloody thing as punk"... yeah. 

But this doesn't mean that bands that are recently forming have to narrow their choices to things that's already been discovered like... what, ten years ago? The amount of bands I see who do 'old school' rock dating from sounds like Dio, Amy Search is unbelievable. All these bands that could be coming up with something new, tasty, different, is just sticking to the old stuff and not daring to try anything new. 

For example, I went to Youth09 two weeks back... giler siut! Almost all the bands who auditioned for battle of the bands were either metal or old school. Okay, kalau ada saja satu band yang punya satu power vocalist then of course, everyone will be like "WOW, SHIT!"
But not if the same voice is heard for the next 50+ bands. -_- Do people even understand what the hell Battle of the Bands is about?
It's about finding a new band with talent, fresh sounds, that can have a chance in giving the crowds something different to the same old "rock kang kang" sounds. Seriously.

I'm worried that bands nowadays are just losing their will to make things work and are just putting a band together and singing old tunes just to go 'hey check me out, I'm a rocker'.

That's not how you get things rollin' and if you don't get things rollin', it ain't rock and roll, dude.
With Love,
KL Mosher

PS: For me, I seriously believe Meet Uncle Hussain earned the title of winners of the AJL... they are probable the closest to 'something new' I have heard so far in recent times. Along with, of course, Hujan, Plague of Happiness, Komplot...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Doing what I can for us local rockers :)