Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goodbye, suckers.

Went to a gig today and enjoyed the music but hated what was happening in the crowd.

What happened to moshing and having fun with the music? What happened to people uniting as one through music? What happened to true passion for music where people aren't paying attention to fucking people up in the crowd but to the people pouring their souls on stage for you guys to accept their music?

All I saw was people getting hurt because of idiots finding it funny pushing each other around. Some people fell onto one another and some people had their balls crushed and hips bruised against the stage because of that.

People getting hurt because of accidental mosh injuries is completely acceptable.
People getting hurt because of intentional actions to injure in the moshpit is wrong.

So I'm fucking glad I'm going to escape the scene for a month, because what I saw today really made me sick.

And I hate feeling sick about the music scene.
I still love our music and our music lovers though. Stay real.

See you guys when I'm back.

With Love,
KL Mosher