Sunday, February 22, 2009

Self Conscious?

You know. It really sucks that after so long of not complaining on this blog, I was starting to believe there were actually starting to be improvements in the gig scene. Maybe KL Mosher can shut up once and for all.

But. Urgh.

What I see now is a weird mix of pogo/shuffle/mosh. It's actually very disturbing, if I may add... it's like, dancing gone wrong.

These guys are being more conscious of the way they move than to the music. Which is pretty lame to be honest. When you go to gigs, you go for the music, you go there to let loose and just... be. You don't think about how you look, you don't think about what's the best way to shake or vibrate to the music to gain attention. It's just... sick, the way I see how some people just take up the space in the crowd to go all weird and epileptic-ish. They basically don't even GO with the music, they just... vibrate and act all spasm-ic.

It's disturbing.

What's the point? Just MOVE goddamit, you don't have to think about HOW. Just... MOVE that body. If you wanna shake, take pills and head to the club. Gigs don't hold spaces for people like you.

If this is going to be the new trend in our famous 'bad trends' in the local scene... er, call back the kungfu moshers please! 

Not that I would choose either, if I had a choice. :\

With Love,
KL Mosher