Thursday, March 26, 2009

Korn will say you're "Hypocrites!"

Sunburst burned through everybody's bodies, leaving memories and even physical marks that the event did come and go. With superb performances by both international and local acts, there was nothing we could complain about, except perhaps the lack of food choices and stolen items. 

But I am not myself if I don't find something to complain about, kan? You know. KL Mosher, the ranter. I keep disappearing for vast amounts of time, and I apologize, but things have been pretty hectic around here. Exams, semua.

You know.

So. What with the title? Okay, I admit, I was showing the lame side of me by using Korn's song title 'hypocrites' merely because they performed at Sunburst. But this post doesn't have to do much with them at all, to be quite honest. About Sunburst, saja. And of course, how it links to everywhere else. 

Hypocrites. To make it clear apa maksud itu, a hypocrite is a name you would give to someone who tends to say he/she doesn't want to do something but does it anyway. For example, a guy scolds his friend about smoking, then he smokes himself. Or a girl says she isn't a bitch but in fact is very bitchy to people. Macam tu, lah.

My idea of 'hypocrites' this time, goes out to those who criticize a certain genre or band, but then heads over to watch them perform anyway. Don't you realize it's pretty pointless to talk about how much you dislike a particular sound or band but you just end up singing along - because you magically memorized the lyrics - to the songs? Why must some people feel embarrassed or are just not willing to admit to their true feelings about particular sounds? To follow trends? 

Before Sunburst, banyak orang fck Hujan - this is something I know I talk a lot about, but this issue really does prove a lot of points, don't you think? Anyway, I head over to Livesounds stage at Sunburst when Hujan is performing and what do I see? A whole group of people listening and singing along to their songs. This is a really good thing, on one aspect; no one was rude to them. But on the other aspect, it makes me frustrated.

Who said you don't like Hujan? Pfft!

I had that kind of reaction. Similarly to this, I find this whole "I don't like ______" applying a lot towards Indonesian music, too. Suddenly, the whole malaysian indie scene clan seem to be part of some anti-Indon music movement, where people cringe at Indonesian songs, and radio stations consider Indon music as 'uncool'. 
Oh, please, grow up. 

The majority of those people who say 'fck jiwang music' seem to be the ones who knows all the lyrics to Peter Pan or Sheila on 7 tunes. Sometimes when I talk about Nidji, or any other Indonesian bands, I get weird stares and glares. But when Nidji performed at Sunburst, almost everyone who attended parked themselves in front of the stage, screaming "I love you!" and singing along to everysinglesong.

Again, what are us Malaysians trying to prove by always finding something to go against? Can't we just... accept everything? Sure, it's fine if you don't like a particular band/sound because you just don't enjoy the type of music, but come on, are you trying to tell me that all of a sudden, hundreds of people decide they no longer like Jiwang music, or singing along to Aku Scandal? Seriously...

Did you know XFresh used to play Indonesian music, wayyyy before they became the indie station? Talk about hypocrisy kaw2, weh.

With Love,
KL Mosher