Friday, October 23, 2009

"I have to see that band..."

"..... even though I don't know them!"

or those people that say:

"I love that band! I love that song __________!"

Oh wow, loving a song that's currently playing on the radio ten times a day makes you SUCH a fan, man...

-_- Bapak xcool doh.

What triggered me?


Okay, but how did that make me get all pissy and annoyed? I don't know really, but you know me by now, I find faults in everything. I'm like the mother of the music scene that never gives it credit, just criticizing non-stop.
Well, like any mothers, I just want what's best for them.... LOL. Mengarut je.

Enough crapping. Okay. So the Buzzcocks are coming, there's going to be a huge uproar, everyone's going to love it, loads of people are going to go... but out of the 'loads of people', how many would actually know enough about the Buzzcocks?

How many are actually familiar with the fact that they were the leaders during the Joy Division new wave period. Sidekicking with them were The Drones, Warsaw (pre-J.Division)... the places that stunk of punk and sex and music spots like Electric Circus.

Damn, I wished I lived through those times. But back on the subject, I just get very frustrated when people say the LOVEEEE a particular band, when they don't even know the roots, the base, and some people, even the goddamn music.

So I'm just hoping that everybody who's going to roar and thump their fists into the air singing along to "Ever Fallen In Love" and "Orgasm Addict" are really passionate with it, not just because they want to say "Yeah I've seen Buzzcocks, I love them soooooo much" (when really you don't).

And this applies to every single gig.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodbye subcultures, hello fakecultures.

Geram doh.

I think if I ever get to rule my own universe, I will make everybody naked. I won't invent clothes. I People will have to go moshing and to gigs without clothes. Maybe then, they won't find things to laugh and insult, or try to show off.

So we're at the point where we have a lot of sprouting genres, some that don't even make sense, some that sounds the same as another but a twang of the guitar makes it different. This also means we're at the peak of where all the old, forgotten subcultures, are mushed with new, or resurrected to life. We look around gigs and perhaps we can see at least 5 different kinds of 'goth's, 3 different kinds of 'nu wave', and then you get the hip-hoppers, and whatnot. What happened to humans?

Straight Edge

What is with the sudden uprise about this long discovered genre? It's kind of funny for the Malaysian giggers trying so hard to be this, when the majority of them smoke like a chimney and can't live without meat, have hidden sex parties around town. LOL. Enough said.


It's a genre, not a style.

Terima kasih.


Even simple ones like hardcore genre and gigs, you find people who try to so hard to fit into the particular genre, to stand out, that you completely forget about the one important thing; the music. It is like they are selling the names of bands to prove their knowledge, and they hardly even listen to the band itself. It is like people are starting to put across this image of a huge music fan, just to gain some status. Come on guys, are you serious?

Worst thing is, you'd start dissing others about their subculture, and whatnot. You guys diss the people who actually, truly follow a subculture, like memang kaw2 pakai pakaian thats 100% and listen to music 100% that influences their subculture. Tapi they are the ones that kena dissed. Just because they are brave enough to go to the ultimate extremes? Uh, not cool.

At least they're living it real, not like you fakecultural people who SAY you're something, but just do it half-heartedly with intentions for attention.

With Love,
KL Mosher

Sunday, October 4, 2009

No Lovers Allowed

Okay, this is a serious issue, despite the pretty erm.. 'humorous' title.

There's a certain obligation and compromise when you become part of a band. You have to divide yourself into two sections - Personal life and band life. You can't have people interfering with your dreams, nor can you have some lover/wife/boyfriend who is supposed to understand and adapt to the life of a rockstar in the first place, to tell you what to do with your band.

Unless, of course, it is good criticism that advices the band to strive.

This weekend, I hear of a band that recently had to switch members due to some wife's attitude. That is just absolutely unacceptable. The band's had a strong, tight line-up, not to say friendship, for about five years, and just because the wife of the vocalist had issues with jealousy and incapability to accept the band members and their lovers, (see what I mean by not letting 'personal life' kacau?), she tells the vocalist to kick out the guitarist and the drummer.

Okay, that's not the stupid part.
The stupid part is that he listened.
And who's playing the guitar now? Some kid who doesn't even know how to tune his guitar right and play the solos that once conquered the songs.
Piss off, I'm pissed off about this.

To musicians' girlfriends/wives/boyfriends/husbands/mistresses, etc:-
Look. You wanted to be with them because of who they are. So there's a compromise. There's a certain freedom a musician possesses that you have to accept the moment you hold their hand. You can't own them. You have to accept this. And their band actions should not have anything to do with you. If you have a problem with any of their bandmates, you just have to swallow it. That's what a supportive lover is. Not someone who tells your husband to kick out the drummer because you fell out with his girlfriend. Babi betul.

Musicians have a wild soul, they mingle, they socialize, they mix. They get famous, and people (both guys and girls) will swarm up on them. You can't even THINK about being jealous in this situation. If you want a guy who listens to everything you say and stay at home, marry a god damn business man. And even with them, you can't own them. So imagine a free-willed musician.

To the musicians with controlling lovers:-
You can let them control you on your TV programs, on the food you eat and the things you do, but never ever let them near your music life. You start a band, you love the band, you live the band. You don't suddenly give control of your band-making decisions to your wife/husband. That's just wrong. If they really are good lovers, they would want the best for you and want you to succeed. They wouldn't kick out GOOD musicians and replace them with background faces because they have stupid personal issues, that are half the time immature anyway.

If they can't accept that you have to have this part of freedom with you the rest of your life, I'm sorry man, you're going to be taking care of kids at home, cooking dinner for wifey in no time. If they respect you, they'd compromise, not hold your ball-sacks and expect you to obey.

Band name disclosed, by the way, I'm not a tell-tale. :)

With Love,
KL Mosher

Welcome the ones we know, sudah!

Mind the lame sarcasm of the post title, and let's get down to the real point I'm trying to make here.

Again, I went to a gig recently, and there's something I've realized about the music-followers of our country. It applies to their reaction to bands, styles of playing and people in general.

They just think it's enough to accept what they already know, and don't even bother to appreciate the new things. I'm not saying this applies to everybody, but when you attend a heavy metal gig, there are just so many faults to pinpoint on. And isn't that what I love doing, anyway?

New bands or new-sounding bands:
People go to gigs to support the bands they like, I get that, because I do it, too.
But why do they have to be so cold towards bands they haven't heard of or just don't really listen to? The crowd gets a little quieter, the people turn their backs and walk away from a band that's sweating their butt off to make a show work and to play for them. Where the hell is the respect dude? Worst thing, they start cursing and insulting the bands. If you don't fucking like the band or if you can't wait for the band you're looking forward to, keep it to yourself and shut the hell up. Everybody goes to gigs to play music, and if you memang seorang peminat muzik, you won't bloody disrespect people making music. At least they are doing something - what do you have to say about yourself?

A different genre thrown into a set genre-d gig:
This is so unbelievably obvious in heavy metal/hardcore gigs. SO obvious.
You get bands who play hardcore and hell, people adore it. Then a band comes on, and they play this fantastic piece of acoustic guitar solo, and everybody just gets bored.
Take Black Territory for example. During their album launching, they played this absolutely heartfelt tune, but we hear people talking and walking away, and giving polite, SOFT claps...
Look, this doesn't show you guys are metalheads or fucking hardcore. This just shows you guys no NOTHING about the magic and the passion and the chemistry of friggin' metal music.
Metal isn't just about screaming about hate and death and whatnot. Metal's about the works of the guitars, the passion put into the pieces played out, the unbelievable talent it takes for someone to move their fingers across the body of the guitar to release some absolutely wild tunes.

You find all heavy metal bands are bound to have some soft tunes at some point. It's like... a tradition. If you can't accept that shit, you're no metalhead, and you definitely don't appreciate music, if you can't even appreciate a genius work played live for you.

Cliques and discrimination:
You see a person who's dressed a little different, mixes with a different group to yours, and what's your first reaction?
Normally, I would shove it off, tick it unimportant. But NO, that's not the case with some people. They go to gigs and stare and laugh at other people, not even bothering about making new friends. They think they know it all, they're all that. But hey, if you really are that respectable and 'great', you would have the decency and integrity to actually know what's the real meaning of socializing. It's not just about putting on some image and pretending you're that cool.


It's time these habits stop, it's time we open up our arms to more than what we know. This is probably one of the reasons why our music scene can never strive. If no one's interested in what's out there, if no one's willing to accept new things, how the hell do you expect us to break through this barrier of obnoxious, self-indulgent people?

With Love,
KL Mosher